Tell us your wine taste? NFT’s Favorite Candles are Here!

We are so excited to share our favorite candle, handmade soy, eco-friendly, UPCYCLED wine bottle candles by Rewined Co. They average over 50 hours in burn time. Delicious aromatic flavors to suit any candle connossier or sommelier!

Heres the story, I was given a Rewined candle when I lived in Charleston in 2013. Rewined was still very local to Charleston, SC. I believe my first candle was Chardonnay RED in a recycled green glass. It burned foreverrr. Seriously!

When I moved to Colorado, I made sure that whenever I visited Charleston, I would stock up on all the Rewined candles they had at Muggs Coffee, James Island, shout-out. To the point my friends would ask me to get them one too!

There really is no other brand that ‘holds a candle’ 😆 to Rewined candles. To satisfy my candle needs, and demands from friends, I decided to do everyone a favor and get them here to sell and share.

They are my favorite gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas (must try spikes cider) Now NFT gets to share with you, our Newfound Treasures family!! 

Whatever your wine taste, we got you covered. You won’t even get drunk, so send one to grandma. Warning, you may feel super bubbly happy and relaxed ;) from Mimosa flavor OR the dark, cherry, fine-crafted, wine candle tannins.

Shop our site for the best deals on Rewined candles- unless you can get to Charleston, totally check-out their candle making process! SO impressive.


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