Our Top Four Selling Tips for Your Pre-Loved Items

Selling Tip #1
Compare to Retail Prices 

When you are looking to price gently-used items for resale, the rule of thumb is to start your pricing at 30% of the original retail tag. But only if your item is still in excellent condition and purchased within the last year.

 It’s also helpful to use comparative prices across multiple platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Craigslist. This helps you determine the most competitive price, especially when dealing with vintage and antique items.

 Trendy treasures and some electronic items can keep their value longer, so be especially sire to compare these to retail prices.


Selling Tip #2
Make It Stand Out

 It takes just a few minutes to clean, freshen up, and polish your pre-loved items for sale, and it will make all the difference to potential buyers. When holding a garage or estate sale, the way you set up and group your items can also make a big impact. A simple internet search for “merchandising strategies” can help you make your items stand out.


Selling Tip #3
Describe & Disclose

 Whether you decide to sell on eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, or from your garage it is vital that you describe and disclose item information thoroughly. This is important for two major reasons:

  1. It reduces your liability after the purchase, and
  2. It reinforces the value of your items.

Oftentimes potential purchasers are looking for something specific, so the more description, measurements, and disclosures you can provide, the faster & more frequently your item will be found buy a potential buyer typing keywords into the search bar. Additionally, the more thorough a product description is, the less time you will spend on back and forth communications with a buyer,  and you’ll save yourself the hassle of a potential buyer attempting to negotiate a price change or refund if they feel the item they were presented with varies from its online description.

To avoid these hassles all together describe any chips, flaws, or other need-to-know information in your product listings, upfront.


Selling Tip #4
Remember, You Mean Business

When selling pre-loved items, you will receive a variety of offers. Don’t be offended if someone offers far below asking price, but also do your research in advance and know the actual market value of your item.

 It is important to be flexible in negotiating, and remember that you are selling your item for two goals:

  1. To get a return on investment, and
  2. To simplify your life and your home.

 Before you agree on a price, make sure to aim for a number that meets in the middle of both sides. 


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