Reduce the clutter and start downsizing today! Practical tips to get you started.

Tackling the clutter can feel like a huge undertaking, but at New Found Treasures we think it’s a beautiful thing!

 Connecting you with the buying and selling of unique and rediscovered treasures is our passion.  NewFound Treasures began with the idea that there are plenty of treasures out there that just need to find a new home.  Along the way, we also began finding unique items that needed their own voice. We give all of these treasures a way to their new home.  Downsizing and cutting clutter gives the treasures in your home a chance to start a new life! To make downsizing easier, we put together this quick list of tips and tricks to get you started!

Break the project down into increments.

Don't try to tackle it all in a whole day. Set aside an hour at a time and address a very specific area (like the silverware drawer). That way you see progress in that hour's time. Make sure it's an area that you can follow-through to the end. This means give yourself enough time to take things out, analyze, put in piles, and put back or move along. 

If there were a flood or fire, what items in your home would you pay to replace.

This helps with deciding which larger items to keep or move along. Stand in your living room and look around. What is occupying floor space? Do you really need the blanket horse with 10 blankets hanging on it? Maybe 1 or 2 blankets and a better storage solution would suffice. Now let's look at the walls? Any outdated photos or artwork that you could live without? How about shelves and items on shelves? Anything that is just collecting dust rather than adding value to your life?

Examine items that once represented deep emotions 

Sometimes as we go through loss in life, possessions take on new meaning or a sense of identity. As you look through your things, decide if something that represented "loss" at one point is something you can now let go of. Letting go of items represented by loss could be quite a cathartic experience. Moving these items along may end up relieving a heavy spiritual burden you didn’t even realize you were carrying. If you're having a hard time letting go, see our post about mastering your mindset 

Allow your family to decide what they may want to keep

Now that you’ve gone through your home room for room,  another strategy for downsizing is to allow your family to decide what they may want to keep. Invite family over for dinner and a tour. Ask them to look around and see if they find anything of personal or sentimental value that they would like to take off of your hards. Don't worry if they don't want much. Because of so many generations living longer, everyone has their own china, silver, and pictures. Regardless, it is important to have family express their interest before moving on to having a professional downsizer help you.

At New Found Treasures we connect people to the buying and selling of treasures. On the selling side, we support people to downsize a whole house or just a few items. Contact us for information on becoming a vendor.

Try this formula for testing whether you should move something along in your house. You need to answer "yes" to two questions in order to keep the item:

    1. Do you love it?
    2. Do you need it?
    3. Do you use it? (the rule of thumb is at least in the last year).
    4. Does it add significant meaning to your life?  

Just keep this in mind: the landfill does not need things that are useable. It's for GARBAGE. So, make every effort to donate, find a home, or hire someone to make you some extra cash. And while you are at it, keep our Earth beautiful!  Make bagging-up and moving items to the trunk of your car for donation or sale part of your downsizing process.

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