Thinking of downsizing? Master your mindset with these tips!

Before you start downsizing there are a few things about your situation that you’ll want to understand in order to help you make some decisions about how to downsize.

First, know your goal for downsizing.

  • Are you moving? Moving into a smaller space is a great reason to downsize. Be sure to check out our article on downsizing tips to help you decide what to keep and what to move along.

  • Are your children moving out or growing older? Children outgrow clothes and toys quickly. As your children age, you will need to make some decisions about which of their items you’d like to keep and which items to move along.

  • Want to declutter your space because it’s too chaotic? This is a common reason for downsizing. In fact, there is an entire minimalist movement happening. People are realizing that too much stuff can create an overly complicated life which can lead to chronic stress. Simplifying life can reduce stress and increase happiness. One of the most recommended methods for simplifying life is to eliminate clutter around the house. Take your silverware drawer for example. How many random items do you need to push to the side in order to find the potato peeler?

Pro Tip: The silverware drawer is known for acquiring an assortment of random and extra utensils over the years that seldom if ever get used. This can be a great place to start cutting chaos.

  • Are you looking for some quick cash? Selling things you’re no longer using is a great way to make extra money. New Found Treasures (NFT) began with the idea that there are plenty of treasures out there that just need to find a new home. An item you’re realizing you can live without might be exactly what someone else has been looking for! If you’re interested in selling a lot of your items, contact New Found Treasures!

  • Maybe you need to downsize in order to make space for something else? A baby on the way, the purchasing of new furniture, or even updating your interior paint job or decor are great excuses and reasons to downsize.

Next, you’ll want to understand the psychology behind your acquiring behavior.

To analyze your clutter, ask yourself why you buy and keep items. These are not scientific questions, but questions to get you thinking about what is holding you back from getting your life organized.

Do you BUY things because:

  • You are somewhat disorganized and can't find things that you need when you need them so you just replace them instead?

  • You are afraid you won't have enough, or that you might just need it in the future

  • It was on sale so you bought it even though you didn’t need it right then?

  • You feel good when you buy things?

  • Other?

Do you KEEP items because:

  • Things just accumulated slowly over time

  • Stuff overwhelms you and you just don't know how to start downsizing?

  • Of something that happened in your past or because of a significant loss or hole you need to fill?

  • They are sentimental or might become sentimental in the future?

  • They were gifts, even though you don’t want them?

Take a few minutes right now to think about your buying and keeping habits. Be honest, this only benefits you and remember no one is judging! We all find ourselves in a position to downsize, especially as we transition through phases of life.

The point to consider is that if you don’t understand how you got to acquire a lot of things in the first place, then you might find yourself in this exact same situation again in a few years.

Now that you know why you want to downsize and how you got to this point check out our next article on tips to get started downsizing!

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