What is an Estate Sale?


Estate Auction:

An estate sale is different than an estate auction. Estate sales and estate auctions are both a technique used to quickly liquidate the assets of an estate. These techniques are often used to help a homeowner sell their items quickly in situations where they might be downsizing, moving, filing bankruptcy or dealing with a divorce or death.


In an auction, a company is hired to run the auction. The company offers the estate sale items up for bid, takes bids, and then sells the item to the highest bidder. Items are either auctioned off at the estate sale site, or the items are shipped to the auction house, priced with starting bids, and laid out for customers to view before the auction starts.


Estate Sale:

An estate sale (sometimes called a Tag Sale, depending upon where you’re from), is just that, a sale. Items in an estate sale can be sold several ways. Sometimes items will be marked for sale with a price. Customers will line up outside of the estate and wait for the sale to begin.  Not all items are always for sale. Sometimes a homeowner does not want to liquidate the entire estate, or sometimes a new homeowner has chosen to keep a few items as per the contract to buy the new house. Estate sale items can also be sold by cataloging items, pricing them, photographing them, and posting them to various online channels for sale. 


We Can Help:

Do you want help downsizing an estate, or even just passing on a few items?  We can help you whether you have a whole house or just a small collection of items. 

 Our compassionate estate sale agents can help you sell through various channels.  We sell at estates, on our webpage, through other virtual channels, in our store and more.  


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