About Us


Who Are We?

We are a family-owned, local business based out of Fort Collins, CO helping connect you to the buying and selling of unique treasures, old and new. 


We take a multifaceted approach to selecting the right mechanism for selling your items and decluttering your home.  NewFound Treasures sells your items directly to the customer, while managing the entire process from appointments to pick-ups to packaging and shipping. 


Estate sales are just one of the many methods that NewFound Treasures uses.
We also use our Timnath storefront and several online platforms to get the most exposure to potential buyers.



What Do We Believe?

*We believe in recycling, upcycling and reusing BEFORE buying new*
The landfill does not need things that are useable. It's for GARBAGE.
We're here to make recycling useable items easier than ever!



Our company is designed to help you make every effort to:

(1) Sell your items so you can make some extra cash
(2) Find new-to-you items for your home
(3) Donate and find a home for your used items


We can even help you hire someone to sort through everything, making the process much smoother if it seems too overwhelming.


     Whether you need help with decluttering one room or simplifying an entire house no job is too big or too small! 


    !!*Help Keep Our Earth Beautiful*!! 

    Make bagging-up and moving items to the trunk of your car for donation or sale part of your clutter-cutting routine.