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This is a antique elegant raised star porcelain tea cup. The main potion of the cup is green and cut onto a sideways wave motion. The inside edge of the cup is lined with gold edging. Inside of the cup there is also a piece of porcelain molded in with gold painting and a hole to the side of it. This is designed so that once the tea bag has soaked, the person can pull the tea bag through the hole and squeeze out the excess juices without getting their hands dirty. The handle is elegantly and intricately designed for maximum comfort and also has gold painted onto certain parts of it. The front of the tea cup has a golden raised and bumpy flower surrounded by six smaller pink flowers. These flowers are inside a smooth blue star with gold raised and bumpy edging. In the background of the star is a smooth gold design with raised scalloped edging. This portion has offshoots of its self to make curled designs, and one of these offshoots is bumpy while the rest are smooth. The whole thing measures 4.5" x 3.5" x 3".

Condition: There's a lit bit of fading of the gold rim inside and a little gold on the face.