Disney Store Pixar Cars 2 Limited Edition Lightning McQueen Mia Tia Die Cast Set

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This is the limited edition Hudson Hornet piston cup Lightning Mcqueen in 1:18 scale die-cast along with Mia and Tia. The twins are Mcqueen's biggest fans: with the same paint scheme and #95, same as Lightning McQueen features. Lightning McQueen is a 1:18 scale die-cast all custom painted with working headlights and tail-lights, a removable bottom plate that reveals fully detailed undercarriage and hinged roof flaps. Mia and Tia are 1:18 scale die-cast and the features include a metal-flake paint finish, chrome wheels, custom clear display case with a rotating base that lights up.  McQueen is on rotating base.  Case measures 21.5" wide x 12" deep x 7.25" high. 

Condition:  The case is broken so this is the reason for the discounted price.  Car rotates, but not sure how perfect it is - it stops when it get around and you have to restart it.  

Internal Use:  AL- 12