"Little Red Riding Hood" by Gregory Perillo Certificate of Authenticity plate

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This is a "Little Red Riding Hood" plate based off the original oil work of Gregory Perillo. This is the first issue in The Storybook Collection from Vague Shadows 1980. This plate had a period of firing of 18 days before the product ceased to be made. Plate number 4012 and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity. It depicts a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes seated on the ground with a red cloak, a white dress with blue lining, white socks, and black shoes. There is a blue bird perched on a branch that the girl is looking at in the foreground and a wolf in the background looking at the little girl. To the little girls right is a brown basket covered with a blue and white checkered cloth. The scene takes place in the Fall in the woods with stones, trees, and bushes around. Plate is hand signed and it measures 8.5" x 8.5" x 1".

Condition: Has had little to no use.

Internal use: NFT-1188