Lot 13 Miceville Shopmouse Figurines w/ Boxes & Wood House Shaped Display Shelf

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Lot 13 Miceville Shopmouse Figurines w/ Boxes & Wood House Shaped Display Shelf 

Condition: 13 Miceville Figurines w/ original boxes. The Baby Shopmouse has a chip in his ear as shown in photos. Otherwise, all are in great pre-owned condition with no issues.  However two of the figurines appears to have the wrong box with it which is the Mr. Shopmouse and Junior and the Mrs. Shopmouse and baby Figurines.  They do not have their own box and instead, there is a second Mrs. Shopmouse & Dancy Box and a Dancy Shopmouse Box.  All other 11 figures have the original box included.  Figures included are: Mrs. Shopmouse, Sissy & Missy Shopmouse, Dancy Shopmouse..School of Dance, Mrs. Shopmouse & Dancy, Mr Shopmouse General Store, Baby Shopmouse, Junior Shopmouse, Grandad Shopmouse, Junior Shopmouse...Miceville Jr. High, Grandma Shopmouse, Mrs. Shopmouse & Baby and Mr. Shophouse & Junior...this last one does not have the box.  Also includes wooden house shaped Display case.][   Display case has 13 cubby holes. 

Measurements: Figurines vary in size from 1" tall to 2.25" tall. Most of the bases are also 1" in Diameter. A couple of bases are 1.5" in Diameter and one is 2.25" x 2".  Included boxes are - 3.5" x 2" x 2".  Wood Display Shelf - 14.25" x 12.5" x 2.5" Deep. 

Internal Use: LL

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