LOT 20: Girls Outfits, Size 10/12, Spring/Summer

LOT 20: Girls Outfits, Size 10/12/14, Spring/Summer. 

1. Disney Alice in Wonderland Pants, Sz M
2. Disney Mickey Shirt XS Sz 1
3. Faded Glory Black & Grey Pants, Sz 10/12
4. Pokemon T-Shirt, Sz Sm
5. Beautees Black & White Striped Shirt, Sz M
6. Hanes Horse Shirt, Sz XL
7. Owl T-Shirt Sz 10/12
8. LEI Capri Jeans, Sz 10
9. Est 89 Place Jeans (size has faded on tag)
10. Self Esteem, Love More, Life More, Long-Sleeve Shirt, Sz Lg
11. Wild Animal Sanctuary T-Shirt, Sz YL
12. Soffe Grey Sweat Pants, Sz 12/14
13. Old Navy Brown Pants, Sz 12/14
14. Duck Co Horse T-Shirt, Lexington, Kentucky, Sz Sm
15. Bongo Holed Pink T-Shirt, Sz 14/16
16. Op SwimSuit, Sz 10/12
17. Wonder Nation, Long Sleeve Long John Grey Shirt, Sz10/12
18. No Boundaries Yoga Pants (one small glitter spot), Sz 3/5 (fit small)
19.  Aeropostale Peach & White Striped Shirt, Sz XS
20. So Peach Shirt, Sz Sm

Condition:  Gently Used.  Some pieces do have pilling and/or fading.  

Internal Use:  NFT

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