Vintage Michael Ricker Friendship Gift Of Love Dragon & Sorceress Figurines


These are Michael A. Ricker 2003 Friendship Gift Of Love, Dragons figurine along with a Sorceress figurine. The dragon figurine depicts a large dragon sitting upward with his wings folded in and head down, looking at a smaller dragon in-between the front of its body. The smaller dragon is also sitting upward and is leaning against the larger dragon while looking up. Both dragons mouths are open to indicate laughing. Around the dragons are several boulders of varying shapes and sizes. The Sorceress figurine is of a woman in long dress, a high collared cloak, a girdle, and a tiara. She has long hair swept over her right shoulder and in her hands is a clear crystal ball. There is a red jewel on her tiara, the upper part of her girdle, and on the end of the girdle. The dragons figurine measures 2.25" x 2" x 2.25" and the Sorceress figurine measures 2" x 1.5" x 4". Condition: Are in excellent condition. Internal Use: NFT We reimburse for unused shipping that issignificantly different from actual cost. Shipping estimates can often be wrong.