Yesterday's Child, the dollstone collection 35001 "Grace- Recital" broken hand

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This a 2005 Yesterday's Child, the Dollstone collection 3500 and The Wish I Wuz series No. 7, "Grace...The Recital" dancer figurine. The figurine is a younger girl with blond hair and blue eyes wearing a pink sparkly tutu, white leggings, and pink ballet shoes. Along her neckline there are designs sown onto the clothes. The girl is standing withe her hands over her head and her feet in a position. Leaning against the girl's right foot is a brown teddy bear with a pink ribbon tied around its neck. Underneath the girl's tutu is a gold paw print and foot print. Measures 3" x 2" x 5.5".
Condition: Has a little bit of blue paint on top.
Internal Use: BHW-159